What’s a lash lift and why do i need one?

Lash Lifts are taking the lashing community by storm with many (including us) praising them as being a healthier and more cost effective alternative to Lash Extensions. Let’s first take a look at Lash Extensions to compare…


With a set of Lash Extensions costing anywhere from $120-200 and then $40-80 for the bi-weekly or monthly fill…you can see how extensions can quickly turn into a major investment!

Then there’s the maintenance! Lash Extensions are breeding grounds for bacteria since you can’t wash them like you would normal lashes — they must be washes with Baby Shampoo and combed with a mascara wand. It’s also known that with long term extension use (or improper technique) you can do serious damage to your natural lashes and have difficulty with re-growth.

So what IS a Lash Lift? Could it really be a healthier lash solution?


There are many different brands of Lash Lifts on the market, some even being marketed directly to the consumer - yikes! Don’t try this at home! Here at GLOW2YOU Esthetics we have experience using 2 brands, our favourite being Lash Bomb. Lash Bomb Lash Lifts are extremely popular amongst Lashing professionals for their consistent results and stunning lifts. Not to mention their branding is cute as heck 😍


A Lash Lift is like a perm for your lashes that will give your natural lashes the illusion of being longer, lifted and curled. We can take flat, downward pointing lashes and achieve more of a “C” curl or a “J” curl/lift - it depends on your preference and the length of your lashes.

First, we glue your lashes onto a Perming Rod, also called a Lash Shield. It’s very important that I glue your lashes with care, because how they look on the rod is how they will look off the rod!


Once the lashes are secured, there are 3 steps (4 if applying tint) until the treatment is done; Perming Solution, Neutralizing Solution and finally the Nourishing Oil. The entire process can take anywhere from 50 minutes to 1 Hour and 15 minutes, with results lasting anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle.


Every client receives a complimentary after care package with (1) GLOW2YOU Nourishing Oil in a Mascara Tube, (2) Dry Mascara Wands and an After Care Card. The only after care that needs to be followed is to not get the lashes wet for 24 hours and to brush them upwards with your mascara wand - so simple!

If you have previously had Lash Extensions but had a reaction, it is highly unlikely you would have a reaction to a Lash Lift. Lash Extensions use a known irritating substance called Cyanoacrolate in their glue which is not present in the glue used in Lash Lifting. Patch Testing can be performed and is recommended for those with known sensitivities.

Did you know that MEN are also getting Lash Lifts too? Yes! They’re not just for Women! So Ladies - bring your Man in for the consult or treatment with you 😜